Haiyang International Yacht Club
Haiyang International Yacht Club possesses a superior location ----- in the heart of peninsula, only 100 kilometres far from Tsingtao, Yantai and Weihai and 50-minute drive to Tsingtao International Airport. It boasts expansive air-sea-land traffic networks, including the two highways of Tsingtao to Weihai and Yantai to Haiyang. This yacht club lies along the national coastline of northern China, planning to construct a comprehensive resort combination of yachts, sailing boats, vacationing, villas, hotels and harbour life. It has designed the outer, middle and inner basins with the average depth of 5 meters, thus making it possible for the 60-inch and 150-inch yachts to pass through without any barrier. The outer basin is equipped for the large cruises and seaplanes to park there.
Hefei Chaohu International Yacht Club
This project lies in Hongshizui District, Linhe Town, Feidong Country, Hefei City, Anhui Province. It covers more than 230 hectares and costs 12` billion yuan in total. Taking the wetlands ecosystem as the core, this project aims at creating a deluxe yacht club, containing such multiple culture as Anhui characteristic culture, yacht leisure culture and wetland ecological culture. In spatial architecture, it emphasizes Taoism to achieve nature-imitation and mutualism interaction . This project stresses the diversification and compositionality of all the function areas, making them maintain the last vitality regardless of seasons. The project plans to construct four function quarters-Cultural Industries Quarter, Wetland Garden Quarter, Tourism Leisure Quarter and Yacht Sport Quarter, thus building it into a ecological, cultural and harmony community.